Washington Mazambani - SMSF Webinar

SMSF Masterclass
hosted BY Washington

A step by step SMSF masterclass that explains SMSF in simple terms that are easy to understand!

Discover & learn all secrets about using your super to invest in property!

Join Washington for this amazing opportunity and learn from someone who has helped hundreds of people through their SMSF journeys. The tips and ideas he shares on this webinar are valuable!

Topics To Be Covered

  • Basic knowledge of SMSF and how it's set up.
  • How to use SMSF to buy an investment property.
  • Learn how your employer and tenants can help you to pay off your investment loan before you retire.
  • The SMSF Planning Cycle.
  • SMSF Lending Requirements.
  • Types of property you can buy in SMSF.
  • SMSF Property Investing Strategy.

Webinar Date

  • Thursday 24th of August 2023 @ 7PM (Sydney Time)

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