Monday, May 27, 2024

Club 50

Club 50 is an invitation-only wealth multiplication community that focuses on property coaching and mentoring.

A Leading Mentoring Service


  • 1-on1 Mentoring

    We will share with you our tips and strategies on how we have constructed extensive property portfolios.

  • Collaboration

    Through your collaboration, we will navigate through your financial objectives and set out a plan to achieve them.

Access to Property Research

  • Across Australia

    We collaborate with excellent property research houses. The research will help you identify and acquire properties in good growth areas across Australia

  • Access to Off-the-Plan properties

    Be the first to find out about exclusive off-market property opportunities around Australia that are undervalued and that provide positive cash flow.


Build a Strategic Plan

  • Personal Budgeting

    We help you with your personal budgeting, establish a savings plan, tax-minimising strategies.

  • Access to Leading Lenders

    You will get access to our finance experts who have access to over 35 lenders. You will also have access to finance tools, calculators and software that will bring clarity to your finances.

  • Holistic Approach

    We will make sure the your finances are holistically catered for in areas of WEALTH CREATION, WEALTH PROTECTION, WEALTH DISTRIBUTION & WEALTH EDUCATION


Lifetime Community Support

  • Exclusive Community

    You will have lifetime access and support of managing your properties, investor community and continuous education.

Start building your passive income portfolio today.